05th mars 2024

AICP Awards Announces 2024 Judges

12 members of Framestore producers and artists across our global network join this year’s distinguished selection of judges for the AICP Week award shows, which includes the AICP Show Awards, AICP Next Awards and AICP Post Awards. 

Congrats to everyone involved and good luck to all this summer at the awards!

  • Andy Rowan-Robinson, Creative Director | AICP Post, Character Design
  • Brittney Walker, Executive Producer | AICP Show, Visual Effects
  • Chris Beers, Head of 2D, LA & CHI / VFX Supervisor | AICP Post, Compositing
  • David Michaels, Head of Brand Partnerships | AICP Post, Motion Graphics & Design
  • Heino Henning, Executive Producer | AICP Post, Sound Design Over :60
  • Jamie Hoskins, Executive Producer | AICP Post, CGI
  • James Razzall, President, Advertising, USA | AICP Post, CGI
  • Jennifer Siegel, Managing Director, Framestore Pictures | AICP Post, National Campaign
  • Jordan Carroll, Head of CG, LA & CHI / VFX Supervisor | AICP Show, Animation
  • Krystina Wilson, Executive Vice President Advertising, USA | AICP Post, Motion Graphics and Design
  • Lawrence Jones, Creative Director / Realtime VFX Supervisor | AICP Show, Design
  • Vicky Osborn, Creative Director | AICP Post, Curatorial