19th février 2024

Annie Awards Win 2024

Framestore's artistry was recognised by the global animation community on Saturday 17 February, with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 winning this year's coveted Best Character Animation - Live Action award at the 2024 Annies.

The film saw Framestore reunite with the Guardians for one last ride, with the team taking their character animation work to the next level as they helped director James Gunn dig into Rocket Raccoon’s emotional backstory. Deploying nuanced, emotional animation work to chart Rocket’s journey from innocent kit to cynical ‘trash panda’ the team also created photoreal spacedog Cosmo, a hench teenage Groot and new characters like Lylla, Teefs and Floor.

Director James Gunn hailed Framestore’s work as “some of the best VFX ever seen,” and our animators poured their hearts and souls into bringing Rocket, Groot, Cosmo et al to life. 

Work like this has helped reframe what audiences can expect from VFX animation, making CG characters feel every bit as real as a film's living, breathing, human cast. A huge congratulations to Annie Award winners Fernando Herrera, Chris Hurtt, Nathan McConnel, Daniel Cabral and Chris McGaw for this fantastic achievement, as well as to Framestore Pre-production Services (FPS) and our VFX teams in London, Montreal, Vancouver and Mumbai for contributing to the film's incredible success.