Lando Norris being carried by a crowd of people whilst confetti falls from the sky

Vroom Service

Ahead of The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix 2023 Framestore helped Dentsu Creative and Smuggler get the party started in new Hilton spot ‘Vroom Service’

Lando Norris

Directed by Henry-Alex Rubin through Smuggler, with the Framestore team led by VFX Supervisor Guy Lubin, ‘Vroom Service’ stars Lando Norris, F1 driver for Hilton-sponsored McLaren. 

Happy birthday sign
Elvis impersonator

Created in anticipation of the first Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix, the film sees Lando celebrating his 24th birthday in a Hilton hotel as live music, a surprise cake, circus acts and a group of Elvis impersonators stride through the lobby into his suite to entertain guests.

Lando celebrating
Helicopter flying over buildings

The main VFX tasks involved creating a CG helicopter, integrated into a stock footage plate, flying over Vegas carrying a crate containing Lando’s birthday cake, the creation of animated social posts to depict Lando communicating with friends, and creating and adding exploding fireworks into the end celebratory shot.

people celebrating
Chef holding lights

“It was great working with Henry and the team from Dentsu. Almost everything was captured in camera,” said Guy Lubin. “ We added the helicopter and crate on a couple of shots, which helped hugely with production value and the narrative of a special delivery coming all the way to Lando’s hotel suite right on time for the party.”

Birthday cake
Las Vegas Sign
Lando Norris

The spot was graded by Matthieu Toullet at Company 3.

Dentsu Creative
Production Director
Roz Prentice
Creative Director
Joe Stamp
Creative Director
Tom Prendergast
Senior Creative
Will Millner
Senior Creative
Thomas Bothwell
Production Assistant
Cordelia Grossman
Production Company
Henry-Alex Rubin
Marcell Rev
Jess Bell and Saul Germaine
VFX Supervisor
Guy Lubin
VFX Shoot Supervisor
Eric Rosenfeld
CG Supervisor
Caspian Graca Da Silva
Guy Lubin, Abhishek Singh, Yanru Yin, Paul O’Brien, Darran Nicholson
Executive Producer
Anna MacDonald
Executive Producer
Anna MacDonald
Production Co-ordinators
Robyn Goncalves-Borrageiro & Chloe Dunn
Company 3
Matthieu Toullet
Colour Assist
Santino Napolitano
Colour Producer
Edwin Elkington
Scot Crane @ The Quarry
Dan Beckwith @ Factory