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A group of bikers travelling through a sunny desert scene.
8th juin 2024

The three-dimensional puzzle of VFX in Furiosa

Befores & Afters dives deep into the VFX in Furiosa, featuring VFX Supervisor Josh Simmonds.
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An animated butterfly woman and a young girl hiding behind a sofa.
29th mai 2024

Blending Live-Action and Animation to Capture the Cast of Imaginary Friends

Production VFX Supervisor Chris Lawrence and Production Animation Director Arslan Elver discuss creating grounded and tangible characters in IF.
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A woman astronaut floating outside of a space station above the earth, there is the Oscars logo in the bottom right corner.
27th mai 2024

Oscars Look Back at Gravity

This week the Oscars YouTube channel released a fantastic breakdown of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity.
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Some flamingoes in a swimming pool lit from below with a blue light, there are splashes from rain on the surface of the pool.
23rd mai 2024

Variety on Netflix's Top Shows

Netflix have released their viewing figures for the second half of 2023 featuring Leave the World Behind and ONE PIECE.
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A big purple fluffy animated creature stood under a ceiling light, there is the Animation Scoop logo in the bottom right corner.
22nd mai 2024

Animation Scoop | IF

IF's Production VFX Supervisor, Chris Lawrence spoke to Animation Scoop about bringing to life the many different imaginary friends in IF.
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A man holding a gun is stood in amongst a large set of dinosaur bones.
20th mai 2024

Befores & Afters Go back in time

The Befores & Afters Podcast interview VFX Supervisor, Josh Simmonds on bringing back dinosaurs in 65.
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A little CGI lamb resting its head on a barn door, there is the 80 Level logo in the bottom left corner.
20th mai 2024

80Level is All About Cox Mobile's Annie

80 Level showcase Groom Technical Director, Clara Simoné and our team in Chicago work bringing Cox Mobile's mascot Annie to life.
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A black and white animated humanoid butterfly stood in a room lit with string lights.
20th mai 2024

IndieWire Imagining Blossom

IndieWire's Bill Desowitz dives into the art of bringing imaginary friends to life in IF.
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A woman looking out over Barbie Land in a pink dress, with the Autodesk logo in the bottom left corner.
16th mai 2024

Autodesk Explore Perfect VFX in Barbie

The Autodesk blog explores the practically perfect VFX created by Framestore that bridged the gap between the ‘real’ world and Barbie Land.
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The silhouette of a woman standing in an opening looking out over a destroyed landscape.
16th mai 2024

The Art of VFX in Fallout

Fallout’s Production VFX Supervisor, Jay Worth spoke to The Art of VFX.
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A cartoon man standing against a black, white and green background with a puff of smoke in front of him.
15th mai 2024

IOC Launch Olympic Refugee Campaign

The International Olympics Committee launch their 1 in 100 million campaign for the Olympic Refugee Team led by Framestore's William Bartlett.
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A woman with long brown hair and makeup on her forehead stood on a road in the middle of a desert.
14th mai 2024

Furiosa is a Cannes Must-See

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga makes The Hollywood Reporter’s list of What to Watch at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.
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