About us

Who we are

We are Framestore. We create extraordinary experiences. We combine award-winning craft and relentless creativity with tomorrow’s technologies. We make the impossible possible.

We make moving images, content, design and digital for the advertising, entertainment and film industries. We are global leaders in visual effects, having won every major industry award.

We collaborate from the conception of a project and bring a creative and technological problem-solving approach to our partners’ business challenges. We engage consumers through groundbreaking visual experiences that are driven by insight and innovation.

We’re proud to offer a scalable talent pool for clients and partners. Our global team is connected through a realtime production pipeline, enabling 900 colleagues to collaborate on projects, wherever we are in the world.

Our reputation is built on our trusted relationships. We never stand still and work tirelessly with our partners to deliver their vision. Our talent, experience, and innovative technology continue to help our clients push boundaries and break new ground.

What we do

  • Integrated Advertising

    We work with our partner clients on a full range of image-making from film grading, to complex visual effects, versioning, previsualisation, post production and the distribution of commercials.

  • Public Service Unit

    The Public Service Unit is a unique resource that acts as a production unit for the public sector, combining Framestore’s extraordinary creative and technical talents with government communications expertise. It offers cost effective, high quality work for any platform and provides everything from full service production to consultancy.

  • Design

    The Design department is a multi-talented team of directors, designers and artists creating beautiful images for all platforms. They are highly adaptable and can work across all stages of a project from conception and storyboarding to production, art direction, direction, motion graphics and visual effects.

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  • Digital

    The digital space encompasses an incredibly wide brief, from web virals to experiential retail installations, games and any other visual form that can be played on an increasingly complex series of platforms. We help our clients take their material across every screen type, often creating new content or repurposing existing assets. The team also acts as a key partner in developing strategies for our clients.

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  • Digital Imaging

    The Digital Imaging department can generate an extremely high turnover of top-quality images, created to brand-wide art direction guidelines which can, if required, help to formulate look-development. Be it internal product visualisation, a series of images for a trade show, or to complement a new product launch, our brochure-quality imagery and animation can be tailored to any specific client requirements.

  • Film

    We work with directors and producers across the complete film making process to help design, plan and create visual effects to support their storytelling. Our VFX work ranges from key animated characters to complex environments and effects. At its most complex we create photoreal settings that require invisible impact on a scene.

  • Previsualisation

    Increasingly directors on both film and advertising projects want to previsualise their films in CG in order to assist them in making creative decisions, communicate with their clients or studios, and help the technical planning process. Our team, a partnership with The Third Floor, is among the most experienced in the world.

  • Visual Development

    Many clients come to us to help them visualise a script or a new product. We often partner with a director or marketer to enable them to ‘see’ the images they are seeking to create.

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  • Production & Direction

    CG based films require creative and production partners who are able to bring commitment and experience in an area that carries risks. We produce and direct for many of our clients and have in-house talent with long track records in both disciplines.

  • Our history

    The company grew out of five partners' desire to shape a company where they could create amazing images in partnership with their clients – musicians, film directors, art directors, brand owners, advertising agencies, broadcasters and film studios.

    Two decades later we have grown from the initial five man team to over 600 artists, computer scientists, producers, animators, visualisers, developers and engineers. We work for clients on every continent across many of the major films, agencies and brands.

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