The Framestore team was led by Senior Flame Artist and the project’s VFX Supervisor Tim Osborne who supervised the shoot both remotely and on-location where he took additional reference photography of the sets to use in the post process. Ahead of the shoot Tim worked with Blinkink producer Gareth Owen and VFX producer Sharma Lewis to detail out each shot in order to save valuable time in the post production process. 

The Flame work was completed by Jason Farrow, Darran Nicholson and Paul O'Brien and centered around complex compositing work as they added 2D animations to the film’s buildings and a number of 3D elements such as the DoorDash delivery rider which was created digitally from 3D printing data. 

The compositing team was responsible for creating some of the commercial’s key sequences, bringing the carefully-shot miniature rushes together with elements shot on a blue screen which include dancers in sushi costumes and puppeteered sandwich ingredients. Even small things like falling debris from a restaurant that’s picked up was captured independently to make sure its size and speed could be controlled in the final shots to look as though everything was captured in-camera. ​

Maintaining the correct scale and the look that was achieved on the miniature shoot was the most important thing to bear in mind while adding any additional assets into the hand-made miniature world. This included a lot of tiny details which the team added, including making sushi belts move which ended up being a particularly favourite element of the production team. 

‘It was really fun to work with models and the model making team on such a large scale build. All the little tiny details and even imperfections in the real and digital models add to the charm of the film,’ said Tim Osborne. ‘Watching all the various formats and sources all come together into the final commercial was a great moment. Plus a film that includes dancing sushi, singing burgers and waving hotdogs was always going to be a treat to work on.’

To finalise the look of the film, Framestore’s Head of Grading Steffan Perry also provided the colour grade which again complements the miniature visuals of the film and brings out all the fun, colourful elements in the commercial. ​