More Good Days

For Director Marcus Ubungen of Framestore Pictures, this project is about helping the audience share the experience in a very tangible and authentic way. As Marcus explains, 'For me the biggest priority on this project was making these wonderful women feel comfortable on set. Lots of cameras and crew can be distracting, especially when the whole point of the event is to have an experience of a lifetime. So it was important that I knew as much detail about each person before we met at the track.'

The genuine emotions of the day inspired the film's storytelling, as well as Ubungen's approach to the filmmaking process. The women experience the excitement and the nervousness of getting safety-briefed, suited-up, strapped-in, and sitting behind the wheel. The film captures the white-knuckle thrill as well as the joyous rush of the driving, the delight and surprise at getting to meet real life action-heroine Danica Patrick and the next-level exhiliration of riding shotgun with her for another spin around the track.

'I had several conversations and video chats with each of our talent leading up to the shoot, and I felt so inspired by how these women tackle their life without limits and do things outside of their comfort zone.'

Marcus Ubungen - Director, Framestore Pictures

'These women came together and shared their personal stories with each other, and formed a deep connection within minutes. They bonded in a way that most people will never understand, and I hope a little bit of that shined through in the story.'

Marcus Ubungen - Director, Framestore Pictures

On-set production

The experience took place at the iconic Chicagoland Speedway. Working as a tight and nimble crew, Framestore Pictures and our new Chicago office oversaw the project's production. The reduced production footprint brought out more immediacy and authenticity from the subjects. The overall personality of the camerawork evolves and progress in sync with the rhythm of the story and the edit: the lensing, the camera movement, the style of coverage, and of course the quality of the light. The film is a collection of shots from hand-held cameras, direct-to-camera interviews and establishing views as the scene and story evolves from the women's personal stories, to the reveal of Danica Patrick as their driver. It's a powerful film and experience as each of our women gets to ride shotgun with Danica behind the wheel.

'In my mind the project was never about getting a chance to drive fast around a racetrack. It was about showing what it’s like to really feel alive.'

Marcus Ubungen - Director, Framestore Pictures