While the action-packed thirty second spot enlisted some of the most accomplished stunt drivers to showcase the maximum ability and agility of the cars, it was important to keep Brie front and center of the action, while safely in the driver’s seat.

Enter the latest in virtual production. Utilizing LED panel technology, the Framestore team brought large-scale, 360 degree LED panels to life utilizing a multi-camera array directly on the stunt vehicles, and stitched footage together with the help of trusted partners, including LA-based XR Stage, production software company Disguise, and creative agency All Of It Now for an overwhelmingly convincing final scene with Brie front and center. 

Framestore’s VFX supervisor, Michael Ralla, oversaw the capturing of plates and live action elements, tapping into a wealth of experience shooting with LED workflows for cinematic purposes since 2017.

"The beauty of working with the LED panels is that what you see is what you get,” said Ralla. “The panels provide instant, in-camera feedback of the final pixels within the shot, as well as interactive lighting -- no surprises. The entire crew is able to see what is happening, and even better, the director and talent can react to what's on the screens in real time."

After wrapping the shoot, the Framestore team completed final touch ups, added billboards and crafted some intricate composites to enhance the final shots.

The spot is live across broadcast and digital platforms.