The campaign says goodbye to obstacles such as cables, satellite dishes and paperwork, transforming them into bursts of colourful particles to represent the freedom and ease of accessing your favourite shows, channels and apps in one place.

The project marks a continuation in Framestore’s direct to brand relationship with Sky Creative, and was directed by ‘Us’ via Academy Films.

The spectrum burst is a newly created CG element in the Sky colours that features throughout the ads as well as across digital and OOH. 

Framestore Creative Director Kamen Markov creatively guided the vision of the upfront burst development, while VFX Supervisor Guy Lubin led the post on the three campaigns with additional support from Light.

The film was shot in a large sound stage in Bucharest where the production designer built a full sized set of the splitting living room. With most of the obstacles rigged on set, the team’s biggest task was to integrate and animate them into the scene before bursting them into colourful particles.

“Making a satellite dish magically shatter into fine and colourful particles was our first step in the project, which later became the main element across the campaign’s branding” Guy said.

“The look development for the spectrum burst began with Houdini FX tools a few weeks ahead of the shoot, but that process shifted and had to be carefully changed, depending on which element had to burst, whether it was a wall of hanging satellite dishes, a spiderweb installation of TV cables, or stacks of contract papers, each one having a completely different shape, size and physical matter criteria” Guy explained.

The background set extension was carried out in Nuke and, using a layout scene with a 360 degree texture map, the team could control the lighting of the ‘white world’ to match continuity from every angle.

The grade was handled by Senior Colourist Jean-Clément Soret at Framestore sister company, Company 3. 

Guy concludes: “I’m proud of the team for executing such brilliant work within a limited time frame and it was great to be part of this vibrant collaboration alongside Sky and Academy”.