The main challenge was to bring the film to life within a short timeline. During the early stages of the project, Framestore’s Jordi Bares partnered closely with Cabral to devise solutions that reduced the need for post-production and instead implemented in-camera solutions. This allowed Bares and the artists, including a local team from Vascolo Studio, to focus their time on creating content to be displayed on the featured screens and minimize the number of shots that required compositing. Raul Ortego led the 2D team in Framestore’s New York office, helping to pull together the practical and visual effects, which resulted in an honest film that emphasized the story above all else.

The preparation for the shoot required the team to test every detail, most notably the technical limitations of filming LED screens with different high-speed cameras. On the test day Bares and the team worked with the camera and SFX crew to develop a range of solutions to capture the various explosions and LED content, so that the content would play at the exact speed necessary, while taking into account the frame rates they were shooting in.

At the end of the day, the main priority for everyone  – director, agency and clients – was to create a beautiful ad with an honest message.

Juan’s personal touch is the driving force behind this. From cast to locations to SFX solutions to graphic design, he has managed to bring to life a great script in a novel way. It was a great experience thinking about where not to use VFX.

Jordi Bares - VFX Supervisor