'It was time to define the ampersand between the T’s, and in dramatising that, find the most artful way to actually find that ampersand in-situ within the narrative. Enter the magicians at Framestore.'

Todd Field - Director

The four films called for extensive design, digital matte painting, creation of CG environments, and 2D enhancements to integrate oversized ampersands into real world environments. AT&T’s influence is felt in a multitude of settings, spanning the high-rises of Dubai to starry open skies in ‘&More’, to twisting freeways, stacked cargo containers, and a fast-paced factory conveyor belt in ‘The Endless Power of &’.

For Framestore, the project also proved another glowing success for the studio’s sophisticated global pipeline which called for fluid and highly collaborative creative work from Framestore’s New York and London offices seamlessly passing edits and feedback across the Atlantic, in real time and around the clock. With live action and design elements working in tandem, the process gives Framestore the edge in turning out work beyond both creative and practical expectations.

'We are so proud of the creative successes of this campaign that showcased Framestore’s global pipeline, which was lead by a team of the best creative talent. The enthusiastic reactions from the client, agency and consumers is testament.'

Dez Macleod-Veilleux - Executive Producer