To achieve the project, Framestore partnered with video game developer Blitz Games Studios to nurture and launch a new and revolutionary real-time rendering system that hands a powerful interactive dimension to high quality CG. The system transports high-end CG onto a game engine rig so that it can be moved and directed in real-time using an Xbox controller, allowing sophisticated CG characters to be animated easily and instantly.

‘It’s a bold campaign, based on a beloved CG brand character, that uses social media platforms as the jumping off point for real-time rendering,’ explained Mike Woods, Framestore's Digital Creative Director. ‘It's this kind of approach that takes brand engagement to a whole new immersive - and powerful - level.’

The campaign was a remarkable success and in addition to the three televised spots viewed by 132m people, reached a huge number of people via second screens. More than nine million screens accessed the Coke bears on Facebook, Twitter and at, where visitors spent an average of 28 minutes each – far longer than the length of any TV commercial.

Fans were able to interact via social media and at one point there were 5,000 tweets every minute asking the bears to share photos, answer questions or even order pizza. The campaign generated more than 65,000 Twitter mentions during the game.


  • Cannes Lions

    Media, Silver Lion
  • Cannes Lions

    Branded Content and Entertainment, Bronze Lion
  • Cannes Lions

    Direct, Gold Lion

    Special Jury Award