A little known fact about the pistachio is the amazing amount of protein it can produce, so it made sense that the core message of the campaign was all about “protein from a greener source.” While the pistachio tree is typically small and able to grow under oppressive conditions with limited water, it takes approximately eight years to bear any fruit. So, instead of showing the painstaking process of a tree maturing over time, the team creatively framed key moments in the growth cycle with the use of clever visual effects -- all within an expedited 15 second time frame.

From nut to sprout, bud, husk, and finally tree, each stage of maturity was visualised with the greatest attention to detail, highlighting a vibrant colour palette.

Developed and executed completely under the COVID stay at home order, Framestore co-directors and creative directors Anthony Gibbs and Chris Eckardt employed a wide lense to create a sense of scale and position the tree as the hero of the story. Designing an immersive CG canopy of foliage helped to inspire an aura of mystery and atmospheric depth in the spot to ultimately reveal the evolution in the plant’s growth.