The lifestyle brand works to produce the world’s most comfortable and sustainable underwear. Their online platform offers a simple shopping experience that makes it fun for customers to order the coveted undies.

The Framestore team in Los Angeles brought MeUndies’ four new patterns to life with fun and fresh animations corresponding to designs Victory Lap, Stripes Forever, Loopy, and Space Cadet. The animations will live online via and across the brand’s social channels.

‘Rarely are any sort of product videos this much fun, and it’s nice to do something a bit different. MeUndies is a fantastic partner with a clear sense of brand identity, and they offered us direct communication on the design process.'

Anthony Gibbs - Design Director

Design Process

The brief for the briefs was to create dynamic vignettes for each print. They were to be carefully crafted, using color and texture to tell a clear story.

Inspired by the in-house developed product designs from MeUndies, Framestore storyboarded, built reference animatics, designed and directed the new animations. The process was a combination of cell animation and 3D and 2D applications. The Design Studio worked with After Effects, Cinema4D, Maya and cell shaders, before hand drawing the finishing touches. Live stitching, lighting and textures used Elements 3D in After Effects, to reach the final design quicker.

CG Asset

To ensure potential future activations for the famed product, Framestore opted to build a CG asset of the underwear, rather than live-action or shooting in-camera.

To create the asset, the team looked to the fashion industry. Using MarvelousDesigner, a 3D model tool for clothes and fabrics, Framestore was able to accurately represent the product by cutting the fabric into sections, before bringing those renders into Maya and simulating the cloth. The asset gives freedom to direct movements, adding realistic flex to the notoriously comfortable underwear.

The result: sleek, fun, and vibrant designs that demonstrate the brand's purpose and its Feel Good ethos.


  • Winner

    Advertising and Advertising Campaigns

    Graphic Design USA Awards