"Cancer" Scene

For this sequence Framestore did extensive environment work in pre-production including practical and CG imagery for the scene's room. In post-production the team tracked and layed out motion graphics for the DNA asset projected by the Hololens product. Framestore animated the User Interface for the DNA strain and the brain hologram while providing additional color and imagery enhancements. 

"Polar Bear Habitat Loss" Scene

For pre-production Framestore plotted and graded a Polar Bear family traversing a flat, icy terrain. The team also defocused footage of the Scientist in the background.

"Fresh Water on Europa" Scene

Framestore made the stars shine in this starfield environment by adding flicker enhancements to the lights. The team tracked, layed out and developed motion graphics for the Europa Hololens shot. We also animated the User Interface for the Earth hologram and Solar System with a text overlay of the mission on Juniper's moon, Europa. Additional water sources on Europa were also animated by Framestore.