Brilliant moments

Keen to highlight the power of simple meals in bringing people together (and sparking brilliant moments in the process), Framestore worked alongside agency Saatchi & Saatchi to finesse lead spot, 'It tarts with A...salmon fillet'. The couple’s multi-location montage was given environmental clean-up, whilst the overall picture received grade from Simon Bourne, who had fun delivering the directors distinct looks for each scene.

In follow-up film 'Strawberry', Framestore worked to amplify the glow and wonder of the dream sequence, enhancing the bath steam and foam, and adding angelic halos, where needed.

Food fantastic

Framestore also collaborated on a series of 10” food-led TVCs, showcasing Asda’s top product picks in straightforward, family-friendly recipes. Flame artist Andy Salter worked with the shoot’s in-camera time lapse footage, retiming individual elements to perfect the high-speed bakes, which also received colour treatment from Colourist Steffan Perry.

Brand magic

Framestore’s Design Studio added to the work with a batch of short-form spots, promoting Asda’s Rollback Promise and Everyday Value products. Design Director Stephen Goalby worked to create a premium-feeling aesthetic on Asda’s branding, and brought 2D stills into a well-lit, 3D environment to create depth and interactions to showcase the products in the scene.