The spot was shot during the late summer in Utah, a location that matched the topography of Arendelle. The timing of the shoot posed a challenge, as much of the landscape was still vibrant green, but needed to match the autumnal color scheme of the film, as well as the time of year the Happy Meals were released. The Framestore team, led by CD Danny DelPurgatorio and Compositing Supervisor Chris Beers, was responsible for taking the original landscape and seamlessly turning it into a beautiful fall-colored orange and red setting.

With this goal known from the onset of production, Framestore was brought onboard early to help visualize the overall look of the spot and strategize how to bring it all together. Collaborating closely with Webley and We Are Unlimited, Framestore developed concept art to share with McDonald’s and Disney which would later become the foundation of the spot. This gave the crew a clear visual of what the final product would look like, which was crucial when shooting in the overly rich and vibrant landscape.

Finished with a grade by Simon Bourne, the final piece captures the tone and mood of the new Frozen 2 film, inspiring the playfulness of both the intricately crafted universe and the McDonald’s brand. The result is a spot that not only recalls the wonderment of the movie but embodies the spirit of McDonald’s and the joy ignited by the iconic Happy Meals.