The fact-filled commercial details how mundane lunching habits have become through a series of hyper-stylised sequences that feature flying soup bowls, baked bean showers and talking fish. To bring these vignettes to life, Framestore’s team composited together lots of separate live action rushes shot by the directors that champion what effects can be achieved in-camera.

Because these in-camera effects were a key feature of the commercial, it was important that Framestore’s Senior Flame Artist Darran Nicholson and Flame Artist Ally Burnett delivered work that was as subtle as possible but looked realistic to help to achieve the directors’ interesting look and feel.

Talking about the creative studio’s work on the commercial, Darran said; ‘there’s a thought that anything can be fixed or added in post-production but we really enjoyed working on this project where the directors’ vision was to achieve lots in-camera. In this instance, our role was not to take over using VFX but to simply highlight the work that’s been done on set; especially the case when we need to achieve more abstract ideas, like a floating UFO-like soup bowl or an office worker flipping their desk.’

To bring together the commercial’s multitude of sequences into a single cohesive piece, Framestore’s Head of Grading Steffan Perry provided the film’s colour grade. ‘We went for a relatively muted palette with rich contrast throughout the commercial,’ said Steffan. ‘We needed to have certain elements stand out - like the colour of wraps - in the commercial’s world of mundane and I think we found a great balance.’

The commercial will be featured in a broadcast and online campaign throughout the UK and Ireland and in a cinema campaign in the UK.