The creative was purposefully tied to the first round of Dell Tech Stories, doubling down on the brand messaging and expanding on the established visual language. Framestore Creative Director David Mellor worked alongside the Framestore team, closely collaborating with Hooper and the Y&R creative team, to come up with bespoke designs that fit the initiatives of Dell partners the American Red Cross, Ford, and Callaway Golf Company.

How It Happens

Framestore tapped into multiple offices across the US to make the magic happen. Multiple senior artists came together to concept, design, and execute the 3D and 2D projections that illustrate Dell’s initiative to turn the impossible into reality, both before and during the shoot and in post production after.

 The creative studio revisited the unique task of designing and creating original projection content to shoot in camera, this time with a different set of exciting challenges. After creating the projection content, the team spent time on set rehearsing, troubleshooting and tweaking the complicated material. In addition to the projections realised for in-camera effects, the team took on full post production, which included the stitching together of a sound stage with the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. The challenge of combining the two locations required a robust pre-visualisation period, and thorough projection tests guided by VFX and Previs Supervisor Shayne Ryan. Framestore’s compositing team, led by VFX Supervisor Gigi Ng, used a combination of CG cameras, photogrammetry, and plates shot by Gigi within the Dolby Theatre, to carefully craft the environment surrounding Wright.

American Red Cross

For this partnership with the American Red Cross, Chicago-based designer Dan Solomon designed and animated a 3D helicopter with intricate data trails carrying different blood types. Both the full-scale helicopter and Wright’s human body map were among the in-camera projections, telling the story of how Dell Technologies makes magic happen for those in need. Few projections here were dealt with in post; those that were, like the helicopter rotors, were seamlessly integrated into the final picture.

Ford Motor Company

This spot required mapping a real Ford Expedition with both photoreal and design interpretations of itself. The CG team created and lit the asset, working with Design Director Akira Thompson. Akira designed and created content that would wipe into a digital representation of the internal functions of the car. This projection was animated from multiple angles, and projected onto the actual Ford Expedition on stage. The car welcomes Wright into an elaborate demonstration of remotely-controlled technology. Digital Matte Painter Callum McKeveny also worked with Gigi Ng and the VFX team to create a projection that includes a beautiful night forest matte painting, complete with falling snow.

Callaway Golf Company

Dell Technologies works with Callaway Golf Company on tech that analyses potential gains in golfing, such as evaluating the swing to help improve performance. In this film, Framestore’s Design Studio created a complex assembly of UI designs around Wright as he swings. The theatre lights up with a digital matte painting of a golf fairway, also by Callum McKeveny, in tandem with design data trails and CG modelling of the theatre interior to create an immersive fairway for the audience. The comp team pulled this magic together by layering said components, building on multiple plates, adding projector beams, and digitally populating every seat in the theatre with an awe-inspired audience member.