The films open with an old fashioned stage show but quickly transitions to a new, high tech theatrical scene to demonstrate Dell's cutting edge innovations. Framestore concepted, designed and executed all of the projected content before the shoot with the intention of capturing all the projections in camera. The projections themselves employed a range of artist disciplines that include traditional CG, motion graphics animation and matte paintings. Each projection was bespoke and tailored to the surface it was being projected onto, whether it was a 1500 lb turbine engine shell, a real live dairy cow, or a 90ft canvas. All of this work was done to illustrate that Dell is transforming the impossible into reality for industries like agriculture, aviation, and healthcare.  

Never has the script of a spot so accurately echoed what we do here at Framestore day in and day out—with the work of technical wizards like the staff here at Framestore, our culture and technology working together to transform impossible into reality.

Magic with GE

In this film Framestore helps demonstrate how Dell Technologies is transforming jet engines into turbo-powered safety inspectors so planes can self-diagnose problems before they ever leave the ground. Beautiful animations project onto a jet engine as a complex array of other UI designs fill the stage's backdrop.

Magic with Columbia Sportswear

Dell Technologies is helping to transform Columbia Sportswear's storage arrays into an omnipotent force to improve product production and delivery.

Magic with Chitale Dairy

We illuminated the Internet of Things to show how Dell Technologies is helping to transform dairy cows into living, breathing data centers and revolutionizing the dairy industry.