The Framestore team led by VFX Supervisor Chris Redding and CG Supervisor Beau Garcia, will provide a whole host of VFX throughout the months-long campaign. A key part of the campaign’s VFX work, the team was responsible for the creation of the campaign’s central portal that morphs its size and shape depending on the scene it appears in and the objects or characters it collects. 

Working closely with DiFelice and the team at Sky Creative Agency, the portal was designed to encapsulate a heroic quality with a captivating, enticing energy. It went through the usual iterative design process, exploring several different ways of conveying a sense of power, yet remaining controlled. It also needed to tie in with Sky’s brand style and avoid anything that felt too sinister.

The campaign has kicked off with its first spot ‘Harris and the Robots’; a film that taps into a child’s imagination. This film’s collector stares out of the window where he spots Iron Man perched on New York City’s Chrysler building before using his Sky remote to conjure up the first portal to collect the Avenger. Harris then travels through familiar worlds where he collects a whole lineup of metallic friends in Transformers uber-villain Megatron, Star Wars favourite BB-8 and even a Boston Dynamics robot.

‘This is a really exciting campaign and one I’m looking forward to seeing how it plays out,’ said Chris Redding. Beau Garcia adds; ‘Each collector and their collections are unique so the portal needs to adapt and evolve to suit each situation it appears in. In this first film it needs to be large enough to collect Megatron, but small enough to sneakily collect a Boston Dynamics Spot 2 robot.’

Dan DiFelice’s idea for the campaign’s first film was to either recreate scenes or show parts of scenes that were just off camera in the original TV shows and films. ‘This allowed plenty of creative freedom to create, or recreate scenes from well known shows,’ added Redding. ‘It meant we could add our own extra twist on the collection that goes into our portal.’

“It’s been a real pleasure working with Framestore on the delivery of The Collector. We had to ensure that the worlds we were creating were indistinguishable from the original IP we were borrowing them from and because of Framestore’s fantastic VFX work we were able to achieve that,” commented Robin Garton, Executive Creative Director, Advertising, Sky Creative Agency.

‘It's been incredibly collaborative working alongside the team at Framestore on the Sky Collectors campaign. The series of ads covers a range of different disciplines and techniques and it's been fun building out our methodology of approach on such a variety of scenes,’ said director Dan DiFelice. ‘Beyond the uniqueness of each scene, we were tasked with the challenge to create a portal that not only worked throughout various scenes and mediums but also connected with Sky's Q. It was difficult to find that blend of something that was powerful enough to pull Megatron in but also connected to the subtle, sleek, swirling light of the Sky boxes. We're all looking forward to sharing the craziness of what'll get pulled into the Sky portals next.’