Working alongside Rakish director Matt Smuckler to create the charming spot for Illinois Lottery, the team at O’Keefe, Reinhard & Paul tapped Framestore’s Chicago studio to bring the CG animated Claude to life just in time for the holiday season.

Using photo references and measurements of a real hamster, the team brought the photoreal CG animation to life, complete with the capacity to convey humanlike expressions while performing like a hamster.

“A real hamster was used for several shots, so it was important to maintain continuity between the animal and our CG animated Claude, while enhancing his performance at key moments in the story,” said Ruairi Twohig, Framestore Compositing Supervisor. “Detailed lighting, compositing and FX simulations helped ground Claude in his environment and throughout his interactions with the actors."

In order to integrate the character into the live action plates, the lighting, FX and compositing teams went into incredible detail to match the on-set references captured, going as far as to create simulations for Claude’s interactions with his environment, such as the wood chips and the base of his cage, as well as cloth simulations for subtle interactions as he sits on Jodie’s shoulder.