Led by Senior Flame Artist Tim Osborne, it was Framestore’s job to bring together footage from many sources, eras and qualities into a single cohesive film. Adam Smith, the film’s director wanted to really embrace the different kinds of media that went into the commercial so our work was conforming everything into the film in a way that still stayed true to the source materials.  

While it involved bringing together so many different elements, the work done by Framestore had to be completely invisible, allowing the powerful film to have its desired impact. The Choose Life film was a project completed entirely while the team was working from home with communication between everyone from the director to the producers all done completely remotely.

‘The producers on the project worked hard to source the best-quality stock footage possible,’ commented Osborne. ‘Matching an array of different quality media, bringing it together with new graphics and combining some additional imagery into certain shots was a really fun challenge for us.’