The success of the campaign stems from Rouse’s strength as a storyteller, and his ability to take the already funny scripts and craft them into something as visually beautiful as they are hysterical. Framestore’s role was to set the stage in which the stories lived, supporting each of the scenarios without drawing the focus away from the story and performances. The Framestore team, led by VFX Supervisor Martin Lazaro, relied on digital matte painting and compositing to create the backgrounds, as well as implementing select CG elements throughout. 

Framestore’s work across the spots included creating a small island and mysterious sea creature in ‘Island,’ adding a canyon and distant mountain village in ‘Canyon,’ building a pirate ship and interactive quicksand for ‘Holes,’ and changing the skies and creating a bubbling abyss of lava in ‘Volcano.’ Framestore also provided beauty cleanup on spokeswoman Ellen Degeneres in ‘Island’ and ‘Canyon.’

"These spots are the perfect balance of humor between the dialogue and visuals. James had a strong vision for the already funny scripts, and we wanted every effect to service the playfulness of his vision for each scene."

Martin Lazaro - VFX Supervisor