“To All Who Serve” recognizes the brave contributions of Soldiers and civilians on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis response. In two separate executions, “Unbelievable” and “Brave,” the campaign features real images of doctors, nurses, scientists, teachers, engineers, Soldiers and others, coming together at a time of need to serve their communities.

Separately, the U.S. Army’s M-RIP recruitment-focused campaign set out to showcase the range of non-traditional roles available to those interested in embarking on a career that would truly make a difference. With a focus on key markets like Phoenix, Minneapolis, Boston, Dallas, and Atlanta, the non-combat options are highlighted through sleek design elements and pops of vibrant yellow to create a cohesive and compelling story.  

Although separate projects, all spots utilized found footage along with Framestore's design, animation and VFX techniques to create cohesion across all of the existing footage. Having completed the project entirely under the stay at home order, the team also edited and graded the final films.

“Watching Framestore mobilize a large remote workforce in under 48 hours was remarkable,” said Framestore’s Chicago-based Creative Director, Daniel DelPurgatorio.   “Each and every team member on this project came together under really tough and unprecedented circumstances to produce incredibly beautiful work at a standard we would expect of regular conditions. We’re all very proud to have been part of this project.”