Opting for a fantastical storyline that captures the imagination of children wondering who gave up these lovable pooches in the first place, 'Vampire' follows the story of a vegan bloodsucking Dracula figure who realized his dog needed to mix with others instead of prowling the night with his owner. The Framestore team worked its magic on enhancing the gothic, full moon environment in the cemetery, as well as adding details to the Vampire’s rundown mansion for additional authenticity.

In ‘Alien,’ the dog’s original owner was a brilliant astronomer searching the cosmos for signs of intelligence, only to be abducted by aliens and leaving her poor pup behind. For this spot, Framestore worked on a series of CG elements, including the alien spaceship, in addition to heavy compositing work throughout. As the story was told through a child's eyes, the team went with a slightly retro look and feel -- a challenge which pushed them to strike the perfect balance that would simultaneously maintain a sense of realism. It was also important for the audience to witness the astronaut's sorrow at the thought of leaving her dog, so they iterated a number of ways to ensure the actress’s expressions were highlighted while the CG spaceship lures her in from behind. 

“The strong storytelling of the scripts and James Rouse’s humanistic direction make it impossible to watch this campaign without feeling deep emotions,” said Framestore VFX Supervisor, Martin Lazaro. “From a VFX standpoint, it is very rewarding not only to work on the visuals, but to contribute to the emotional quality of the story.”

The final spots were both graded by Framestore’s Los Angeles-based Colorist, Beau Leon, and can be found across Pedigree’s digital channels.