The team delivered VFX and a colour grade for the commercial directed by Ne-O at Stink Films, as well as the design and build of an impressive CG advent calendar which is being used across Sky Cinema’s entire Christmas campaign. 

VFX enhanced the cinematic environments that Idris inserts himself into; two of which - Avengers: Endgame and Mary Poppins Returns - were recent Framestore projects. It was the team’s job to match the look and feel for the films’ worlds, through both the VFX added and a colour grade performed by Steffan Perry which had to reflect the colours of the movies but bring balance to a commercial made up of so many distinct parts. 

The other main part of Framestore’s role for this Christmas campaign was in the creation of a CG advent calendar that would work in several formats and resolutions so Sky Creative Agency could use it across the rest of the Sky Cinema Christmas campaign. 

‘Because the calendar had to work in a multitude of formats, we couldn't simply model, rig and animate it in the traditional way,’ said Jay Khan, Senior Technical Director at Framestore. ‘Instead we created a tileable door that we could place procedurally depending on the requirements. It also required renders of up to 10k in some instances so we made sure the textures would hold up at such high resolution.’