Pre-production Services

Our pre-production services division enables film-makers and showrunners to make early-stage, creative decisions that can then guide their entire production.

We have over a hundred creatives, technologists and producers working across concept art, previsualisation, virtual production, in-camera VFX (ICVFX), techvis and postvis.

This unique pool of world-class minds and skills allow us to serve as true creative collaborators, whether the production in question requires initial character design, logistical assistance for a single complex sequence or a ‘beginning to end’ offer that begins with concept art and culminates in our award-winning final VFX. 


FPS provides on set supervision and teams for all aspects of virtual production; this ranges from lightweight AR tools used to roughly block set and crowd extensions to running highly complex LED volumes for in-camera compositing.

Virtual Production is an umbrella term for a spectrum of computer-aided production and visualization filmmaking methods which combine virtual and augmented reality with CGI and game-engine technologies to enable production crews to see their scenes unfold as they are composed and captured on set.

Post production visualisation or 'postvis' is the creation of imagery which merges live-action elements with temporary visual effects, or the creation of new CG shots to provide placeholders for editorial.


Framestore's renowned Art Department is a fully integrated part of our wider pre-production offer. As such, we are able to visualise early-stage designs for all types of creative assets.

Previsualisation or 'previs' is an essential part of the development process for feature film and episodic productions as it enables creatives to design, plan and understand shots or sequences far in advance of the actual shoot. 

Techvis is the process of planning (often) complex shots using a combination of virtual elements with real-world equipment to help inform the work of multiple production departments.