SXSW 2018

Monday 12 February 2018

Framestore has a stimulating array of content and presentations across the SXSW Festival programming in Austin, Texas. From alchemy-infused title sequences to virtual reality healthcare, Framestore will impart design, technical and creative learnings from our diverse portfolio. Learn more and join us below:

Designing VR Rx

Imagine your doctor prescribing a VR application. That is the exciting future of healthcare and virtual reality as the two fields collide towards technology assisted medicine. Join Stanford, Framestore, Time Inc. + LIFE VR to discuss how they designed their relaxation application LUMEN as a prescription to children facing heart surgery.

Creative Opportunities with Volumetric Capture

Volumetric capture has the potential to be the next wave in cinematography. Generation of dense point clouds to synthesize spherical stereoscopic images has unique advantages over traditional filmmaking. Learn from Senior Creative Developer Johannes Saam on how to create content with six-degrees-of-freedom from pre-visualization and on-set production to advanced data and image compression techniques.

Facebook, 'Together' 

Framestore worked to produce 'Together', a VR experience about the power of human connection. The piece fuses dance and technology, putting the viewer in the middle of an emotional narrative about breaking down barriers and bringing people closer. The experience was created in collaboration with Palme d'Or winning director Terrence Malick, Academy Award nominated cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto and movement artists Jon Boogz and Lil Buck along with Facebook's creative studio, The Factory. VR challenged Malick and Prieto to rethink the traditional narrative structure and deliver a piece that uses VR to tell a timeless story about human connection.

Semi Permanent Festival, 'Title Sequence'

Framestore designed the treatment for these titles using the seven steps of alchemical transformation as its base, likening the ancient art to the design process itself: a language known and used by those in attendance at 2017’s Semi Permanent. The work is competing against other title sequences at this year's SXSW Film Festival. 

Semi Permanent Festival titles

Quebec Delegation

Representatives from Framestore's Montreal office will be part of the Quebec Delegation at SXSW 2018. Reach out to our recruiters if you'd like to work on the exciting real-time projects happening now within our Canadian office.