Chris Waitt on LBB

Tuesday 21 May 2019

As the world says goodbye to the HBO global phenomenon Game of Thrones, we looked back at one of the GoT-themed projects we’ve worked on with Little Black Book’s Editor Laura Swinton.

In a Q&A with Framestore’s Chris Waitt, Laura revisited the hugely popular viral videos for Dreamworks and the latest How To Train Your Dragon movie. For this project, Chris directed not just with Jon Snow himself, Kit Harington, but also the star of HTTYD; Toothless the dragon. It seems obvious that after the success of the first few films, Toothless would be auditioning for new roles, in this instance; ‘Untitled Fantasy Series’.

Talking about how he approached directing both live action and animated characters, Chris said; ‘At the centre of [the film] is the actor's performance, and one of the simplest tricks to achieving that is to use a human to play the animated character on set rather than the famous tennis ball on a stick. Wherever possible we used an actor to perform as Toothless, giving Kit something real to act with and react to.’

If you’re already getting Thrones withdrawal, you can read Chris’ full Q&A about the films with Little Black Book’s Laura Swinton here.