Sky Sports 'Making Sports Better'

June 2014

Who better to head up Sky’s search for the next big thing than the ultimate hero of sport, David Beckham? But the next big thing isn’t a gimmick, it’s a whole new channel dedicated to European football.

We joined forces with Brothers and Sisters and Rattling Stick director Ivan Bird to create the 60 second spot for Sky Sports 5, which is making its television debut during the 2014 World Cup’s very first ad-break.

There are Framestore touches throughout - from the Sky Sports' laboratory in the first shot to the fireworks in the last. In between we extended the set inside the lab, taking it from a single floor to two, with David's office looking down on the workers. We also helped visualise the spot's rejected sports innovations - animating the 'drone cams' and creating the cricket crowds, compositing the 'Sofa Ref' players into the real crowd plates and then into the screens, and designing the look of the visor display during the 'Sensation Suit' sequence. 

The new channel is finally revealed in a fully CG auditorium in front of a crowd composed from a combination of people shot on a green screen plates and a CG Golaem crowd, while we also brought the on-screen graphics behind Beckham to life.

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