Marriott Hotels 'The Teleporter'

September 2014

Our second big virtual reality project, following on from Game of Thrones earlier this year, has just launched to the public in New York. It's a revolutionary 4D tourism experience created with Relevent for Marriott Hotels that 'teleports' you first to a Marriott hotel and then to the tranquil sand of a Hawaiian beach and the lofty heights of Tower 42 in London.

The VR project the hard work of our dedicated VR studio and will be the first of several projects like it launching over the next few weeks. Take a look behind the scenes in the video above, or check out the features below

The Teleporter will be embarking on a tour of selected US cities until November.

  • September 19-23: New York Marriott Marquis
  • September 26-29: Boston Marriott Cambridge
  • October 2-5: Marriott Marquis Washington DC
  • October 9-12: Atlanta Marriott Marquis
  • October 17-20: Dallas Marriott City Center
  • October. 24-27: San Diego Marriott Marquis
  • November 6-9: San Jose Marriott
  • November 13-16: San Francisco Marriott Marquis

Thanks to our clients Relevent

H Tony Berger, CEO

Ian Cleary, VP, Ideation and Innovation

Ryan Wilkinson, Hardware Developer

Dani Friedman, Account Manager

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