Kellogg's Crunchy Nut 'Dinosaur'

October 2012

Our second spot for Kellogg's Crunchy Nut with Leo Burnett London continues the theme established in Snake: Crunchy Nut is so tasty it gets you into trouble. This time however the trouble is bigger, much bigger. The screen is bigger too, with this spot showing in cinemas as well as on television.

MJz's Rocky Morton’s vision and use of cinematic lighting set a really terrifying atmosphere even before Framestore created the dinosaur.

CG Supervisor Alex Doyle designed the star of the piece in-house, saying “I designed a unique dinosaur from an amalgamation of real species in the form of concept art to present to our clients. Once we had an approved version Mary Swinnerton our Lead Modeller created the CG Asset using Maya, ZBrush and Mari. The result was an extremely realistic and intimidating dinosaur.”

The biggest challenge for Lead Animator Nigel Rafter was fitting the 10-foot creature into the pretty cramped kitchen. The animation also had to fit around the physical effects that had been achieved in camera to make it smash through the room realistically. To add further realism, Anelia Asparuhova created a muscle system to help add weight to the dinosaur.

The CG was then comped by Lead Compositor Simon Stoney using Nuke, with dust, debris, sparks, saliva and lighting effects being used to help sit the dinosaurs into the backplates. The spot was graded here at Framestore by Simon Bourne, who worked with Rocky to achieve a dark and moody feel while keeping all the subtle colours and picking out all the lights and reflections around the kitchen.

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