GE Brilliant Machines 'The Future is Now'

September 2013

Framestore's second entry into GE's Brilliant Machines campaign by BBDO New York (following on from Agent Smith) was directed by David Gordon Green and VFX Supervised by Mike McGee, a combination that brought us Your Highness.

After two days on set with the actual DeLorean from Back to the Future, our team in New York set about creating a CG version as well as enhancing the real thing with elements from the film (the ice on the hood and the smoke for example) to give it a cinematic edge. We made sure to stay as true to the movies as possible while keeping all the effects current. 

After the opening DeLorean shots the camera travels through a turbine - a combination of Cinema 4D, Maya and After Effects. Framestore modelled the interior, exterior and factory scene entirely from scratch to match the turbines in GE's Renwood factory. 

Oh, and as if the DeLorean didn't make things authentic enough, the voiceover is from none-other than Michael J Fox!

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