GE Brilliant Machines 'Enterprise'

October 2013

Our third spot for GE’s Brilliant Machines campaign by BBDO New York features not only the real bridge but also John Cho (Sulu) and Joseph Gatt (Science Officer 0718) from JJ Abrams’ Star Trek!

We tried very hard to match the look of Abrams’ film, right down to its characteristic lens flare and camera shake. As well as its set and actors we were given access to a shot from the movie, which we use to create the view through the Enterprises’ window.

Like the Back to the Future instalment (when we got to hang out with the DeLorean), Brilliant Enterprise was directed by David Gordon Green, who also worked with our VFX Supervisor Mike McGee on Your Highness. Framestore’s New York team created the hero graphic sequence, which is based around GE’s real life deep sea oil rig technology.

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