Blackcurrant Tango 'St George'

October 1996

This blockbuster of a commercial appears to be one continuous 90" shot but consists in fact of tracking and helicopter shots from different days with different weather conditions and locations seamlessly joined together. The sequence evolves through various on-screen styles building from low-key low-budget corporate video, through normal TV broadcast quality and climaxing to a widescreen motion picture feel with the final moment of drama provided by Harrier Jump Jets in the helicopter shot.

The camera follows the central character throughout who never leaves the frame and yet none of the usual physical tricks are deployed. Instead one shot has been intricately morphed into another, flawlessly creating the impression of continuity. It was essential that each set up was shot in exactly the right manner for the shots to match perfectly in post-production and Tim Webber and William Bartlett were available to advise on technical aspects throughout the shoot.

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