Ask Jeeves

April 2009

Bespoke Bytes

A multimedia campaign has been launched to promote Jeeves' return, including six 10-second TV spots, Homepage takeovers on key websites, as well as print ads and associated events. For Framestore, the project provided an opportunity to shine in two important emergent areas of the company: the active creative role it can play in the development of digital characters and animation, and its ability to handle a full media campaign from inception to delivery, making the company a one-stop shop for all associated digital peripherals tied to a TV campaign.

The TV spots are essentially cameos, written to show how Ask Jeeves can help ordinary people deal with everyday situations, such as cookery, DIY, parenting and so forth. Jeeves performs in these vignettes on a white background, so all eyes are on him.

Mike Woods, Digital Guru, oversaw the preparation and delivery of the associated digital assets for use on website advertising and the homepage itself. Says Woods, "By carefully navigating the 3D team's schedule, extracting and being given the data I needed without interrupting their workflow, we were all able to hit our deadlines at the same time - essential for a tightly organized campaign such as this."

"We had to prepare a customized version for the website, as the size of the elements had to remain tiny, ultimately we used still images of Jeeves in six different poses. The UK banner campaign includes homepage takeovers, of which the MPU accommodates up to 1.5MB of moving video, giving scope for much nicer animations."

Among the homepages to be given the full Jeeves treatment are those for ITV, Channel 4, BBC, GMTV, the Daily Mirror, Netdoctor and Homepage Takeover Scamp.

Woods is justifiably proud of what he and his team were able to accomplish. "Whilst we've served many individual banners for clients, and delivered assets for other people to use," he notes, "This is Framestore's first full media campaign from inception to delivery. We can do the whole package."

And with a package that includes such accomplished, witty and polished character design and concept work, it's clear that there are more reasons than ever to get fitted out at Framestore.

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