William Bartlett

Creative Director

William Bartlett

William studied Mathematics at University but spent rather more time with a super-8 camera and some plasticine than with books on cryptography and Fermat's last theorem. Luckily after a short stint as portrait photographer William found his way to the post production industry where he found a home for his interests in images, animation and problem solving.

Since joining Framestore in 1995 William has supervised many award-winning projects and has become the Head of the 2D Department within the commercials division. His capacity for finding solutions and thorough preparation has kept many clients loyal to him for literally decades!

in 2013 William was VFX Supervisor on the groundbreaking Galaxy commerical, Chauffeur, using full-CG face replacement to bring Audrey Hepburn back to the screen, while 2012 saw him collaborate with Danny Kleinman on Framestore’s stunning opening title sequence for Skyfall.

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