David Hulin

Creative Director

David Hulin

David is an Animation Director and Commercials Director at Framestore, in New York. He is a proven creative talent working in animation and visual effects for Commercials, TV and Film since joining the industry in 1998.

David graduated traditional animation but was quickly lured into the emerging CG department at Framestore, in London. David has contributed to and supervised many award winning projects such as Walking with Beasts, Dinotopia, Harry Potter and a multitude of Commercials campaigns.

Since moving to New York in 2004 to establish and run the CG department, David has passionately championed the creature and character animation successes in the US, non more ubiquitous than the well loved Geico Gecko! After a privileged Directorial debut with a campaign of nine documentary style commercials for the Gecko, David has been busy Directing both live action and CG commercial spots for other premium brands, such as Samsung, Time Warner, Coors, Prudential, Charmin, Breath Right and EA.

Currently David is focused on helping shape the Advertising team at Framestore to meet the increasing demands of a changing Industry. He continues to share his broad creative experience across the Framestore group alongside his involvement in advertising projects.

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