Gravity takes top prize at the VES Awards

13th February 2014

More than 20 nominees across all four of Framestore's offices were there to see Gravity win six awards Visual Effects Society Awards in LA last night, including the top prize, Outstanding Visual Effects in a Visual Effects-Driven Feature Motion Picture.

We also picked up trophies for Outstanding Environment, Outstanding Virtual Cinematography, Outstanding Models, Outstanding FX and Outstanding Compositing - highlighting the huge amount of work that went into making the space thriller, which is more computer generated than it is real.

“It’s great to be honoured by your peers, especially in a year of such great VFX work” said Gravity VFX Supervisor Tim Webber. “Thank you Alfonso Cuarón for your courage in making a film which on paper seemed crazy in many ways, in trusting us to be such a big part of it when there was nothing there, and really just for making such a great film.”

Sandra Bullock makes a suprise appearence to give Alfonso his award

Gravity director Cuarón was also honoured at the ceremony, with Sandra Bullock presenting him with the VES Visionary Award, awarded by the VES board of Directors in honour of his great contribution to visual effects. Find out how we worked with Alfonso to create the film’s Bafta and Oscar-nominated visual effects here.

Images courtesy of FX Guide

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